Welcome to the Swedish Association for American Studies

The Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS) is an inspiring academic network that encourages scholarship in the multidisciplinary field of American Studies. SAAS seeks to develop a critical understanding of the role, place, and meaning of the United States and North America. In Sweden, research about the US/America is conducted in many different disciplines; SAAS thus functions as an important forum for interdisciplinary exchange and encounters between American Studies scholars.

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  • NAAS Conference 2023

    On May 25–27, 2023, the Nordic Association for American Studies will hold its 27th biennial conference at Uppsala University, Sweden, addressing the theme “Crises and Turns: Continuities and Discontinuities in American Culture.” The Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS) is excited to co-host this event with the Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS).

    The conference registration is now closed.

    Keynote speakers:
    Prof. Kristin Hoganson, University of Illinois: “The Tell-Tale Heart: Reconsidering the Mythical Core of the Nation in Light of the Turn to the Global.”

    Prof. Imre Szeman, University of Waterloo: “The Future of the Sun.”

    Plenary speakers:
    Prof. Gunlög Fur, Linnæus University: “Building a New Scandinavia on Indigenous Land.”

    Prof. Asbjørn Grønstad, University of Bergen: “On the Persistence of Murray Bookchin’s Eco-Philosophy.”

    Associate prof. Marianne Kongerslev, Aalborg University: “A New Age of Furies?”

    Sami Lakomäki, University of Oulu: “Of Dancing and Other Documents: Indigenous Archives, Colonial Records, and Histories of Imperial Warfare in North America.”

    Read more and find the program in full on the NAAS 2023 conference website.

    On behalf of SAAS and NAAS,
    The NAAS 2023 organizing committee

  • Journal: American Studies in Scandinavia (ASiS)

    ASiS is the journal of the Nordic Association for American Studies (NAAS). It carries scholarly articles and reviews on a wide range of American Studies topics and disciplines. We encourage you to submit articles and book reviews to the journal!

    The latest issue (55:1, 2023) is edited by Anders Bo Rasmussen and features contributions by David E. Nye, Susan Savage Lee, Lovro Škopljanac, Jenny Bonnevier, Georgi Asatryan, and Anne Mørk.

    For previous issues and information about submissions, please visit the ASiS website.

  • SAAS new logo

    The Swedish Association for American Studies is proud to present a new logo for the organisation.