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European Early American Studies Association
“The European Early American Studies American is designed to foster international collaboration between early Americanists throughout Europe. As such, it provides a multilateral European alternative for the practice of early American history – an increasingly international field – different from normal bilateral relationships between individual Europeanists and scholars and institutions in North America” (source: EEASA’s “Aims”).

Journal of American Studies
“The Journal of American Studies seeks to critique and interrogate the notion of ‘America’, pursuing this through international perspectives on the history, literature, politics and culture of the United States. The Journal publishes original peer-reviewed research and analysis by established and emerging scholars throughout the world, considering US history, politics, literature, institutions, economics, film, popular culture, geography, sociology and related subjects in domestic, continental, hemispheric, and global contexts. Its expanded book review section offers in-depth analysis of recent American Studies scholarship to promote further discussion and debate. The journal is intended not only for students and scholars, but also for general readers with an interest in the United States” (source:

Just Teach One
“First, with the generous support of the American Antiquarian Society and Common-place, we hope to provide a body of publicly available scholarly transcriptions of early texts, with basic editing and apparatus. Second, we hope to provide a critical mass of teachers incorporating the new text into their classroom. And finally, and most importantly, these teachers provide reflections on the text, insights and reaction, intertextual possibilities, and so on, in ways that should provide guidance for other teachers.” (source:

Society for the Study of American Women Writers
“The Society for the Study of American Women Writers was established to promote the study of American women writers through research, teaching, and publication. It is the goal of the Society to strengthen relations among persons and institutions in this country and internationally who are devoted to such studies, and to broaden knowledge among the general public about American women writers” (source:

Their America – America in the Eyes of the World
“Their America is devoted to significant expressions (speeches, essays, political cartoons, fiction, news stories, etc.) about America by non-Americans. Our major objective is to create a global, synoptic site for Their America, an unpolemical, informative, and provocative resource not just for ‘American Studies’ scholars around the world, but for anyone interested in studying and debating the international reputation of the United States” (source:

The Making of America Collection (Cornell University)
“The Cornell University Library Making of America Collection is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology” (source:

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